Dear Ms Forbes.

With the current heightened activity at La Soufriere, I am hereby reminded and feel compelled to write to you concerning the eminent danger of two sets of huge boulders precarious overhanging; (1) parts of the Community of Edinboro located in the area known as Mrs Neverson’s Gap and (2) the mountainous hill immediately overhanging Nine Steps in the area of Battery Hill and the Rose Place Community.

I first became aware of the one at Mrs Neverson’s Gap in 1968 by the then late Vet. Dr. Earl Kirby, my neighbour. Since then Dr. Kirby like myself had requested of NEMO more than once to attend to it in order to avoid a catastrophic disaster but to no avail.

The other one at Battery Hill, I became aware of it nearly two years ago. This one is a huge spherically shaped hard granite rock, conservatively in excess of two tons. I recall vividly in May 1974 after a few downpours a landslide occurred at the foothills of this rock bringing with it a few boulders destroying the residence of Ms Marie Roach, a famous market vendor then and causing one fatality.

Fearful that you may treat my request as frivolous and or vexatious, which may eventually end up in the down heap I have decided to copy it to the media. I do hope that you would treat my request with the urgency it needs.

I am

Matthew Thomas

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