Ban On Mass Gatherings From January 8,- January 15, 2021


Outdoor gatherings: Include open-air crusades, block-o-ramas, outdoor fetes, gatherings around open bars (e.g. Heritage Square), gatherings with direct access to the courtyard or large yard or a large pool area, catamaran cruises, beach and river picnics.

Outdoor gatherings:

Outdoor gatherings with a maximum of 20 persons should be allowed.

Temperature checks of all patrons should be done where the venue allows controlled access. This function is to be provided by the organizers of the event. Any patron/attendee/congregant found to have a temperature greater than 100.1’F MUST be referred immediately to the COVID-19 Hotline (534-4325).

Sufficient sanitizing stations (at a recommended ratio of no less than 1:40 persons) should be maintained for the duration of the event. If the event is a street/square type event, the involved shops/stalls/bars should provide sanitizing options.

The outdoor venue should have sufficient space to allow for free movement (3 ft physical distancing) between congregants/patrons/attendees.

Facial coverings must be provided to all congregants/patrons/attendees.

The use of facial coverings by the congregants/patrons/attendees is strongly recommended.

To facilitate contact tracing (when practical): The event organizer should record the name (ID verified) and contact number of each person entering the event or one person of each group. This information should be securely stored for twenty-eight (28) days. The MOHWE will only access this information in the event that contact tracing involving the persons who attended the event is required.

Adequate toilet facilitates with hygiene practices sufficiently maintained and available at or near to all events are strongly advised.

All food safety protocols must be strictly adhered to.

Compliance with the Public Health Act of 2020 and the Environmental Health Services Act of 1991 is required.


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