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Venezuela Sets up Its New National Assembly

Venezuela on Tuesday installs the National Assembly (AN) for the 2021-2026 period. Representatives from parliaments in Spain, Ecuador, Chile, and the Dominican Republic will attend the installation ceremony.

“Today, the AN is going to rescue the power that was taken from it. We will begin the road to reconciliation and economic development,” said lawmaker Jorge Rodriguez, who has been proposed as president of the new Legislative branch.

The Assembly elected on December 6 will be settled at 11h00 local time at the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas. The new lawmakers will occupy the 274 seats, plus the three reserved for Indigenous peoples.


Venezuela: National Assembly Prioritizes People’s Consultation

Venezuela’s National Assembly President Jorge Rodríguez assured Tuesday that the recently elected parliament would hold a permanent consultation process with the people to restore peace and well being to the country.

Rodriguez urged parliamentarians to strengthen house-to-house sessions to tackle people’s needs. The leader also remarked that the lawmakers democratically elected won’t excuse themselves in sanctions to justify any inactivity.

Moreover, the required technological infrastructure will be installed to establish face-to-face interaction with the population. The goal is to define “what are the issues that the people of Venezuela expect to be discussed by this Parliament”.

Guaido Steals US$40 Million of Venezuelan Assets, Report Holds

Opposition politician Juan Guaido would have stolen US$40 million of Venezuela’s foreign assets that were aimed at humanitarian aid, according to a report published by The Washington Post. The U.S.-backed opposition needed money to implement its plan to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro’s government from abroad.

According to The Washington Post, Miami-based Venezuelan business men Jorge Reyes and Pedro Antar offered a plan to get that money by seeking Venezuelan assets in Latin America. The assets included companies’ shares, cars, houses, and other properties owned by the Oil Company of Venezuela (PDVSA).

Venezuela Denounces Obstacles To Access COVID-19 Vaccines

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday denounced the blocking of resources by international banks and western nations against the country to prevent the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines, noting the moves are in line with the U.S. unilateral sanctions.

The Venezuelan assets to buy COVID-19 vaccines “have been stolen and frozen by the U.K, Portugal, Spain, and the U.S.,” Maduro pointed out, recalling that his administration has made numerous requests to access those resources through the World Health Organization (WHO).

Putin Highlights Strategic Partnership with Venezuela in 2020

The Foreign Ministry of the Eurasian country highlighted the Russian-Venezuelan strategic partnership, thanks to the interest of Presidents Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Putin. The Russian Head of State expressed his hope to continue the joint work, the development of bilateral relations and to coordinate efforts in the international arena.

In early December 2020, President Nicolas Maduro thanked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for the support given to the Venezuelan democratic process during the recent parliamentary elections of 2021-2026.

He extended his gratitude in a meeting with the electoral observers from the Russian Federation to the Parliamentary Elections in Dcember 2020, held in the Sun Hall of Peru, at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, which was also attended by the Ambassador Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov.

Puebla Group’s Plea to US & EU: Release Venezuela’s Funds

The Puebla Group (Grupo de Puebla) has penned a statement demanding the release of Venezuela’s financial resources by the U.S., EU and European countries to ensure that citizens have access to the vaccine against COVID-19.

The statement signed by 32 progressive political leaders of Latin America and Spain notes the retention of billions of dollars in assets belonging to the Venezuelan people. While the Bolivarian government has announced the acquisition of the Sputnik-V vaccine from Russia to be administered in the next 90 days, access to funds will be necessary in order to secure the sufficient quantity of doses to provide all citizens with the vaccination.

Venezuela: All Residents To Be Vaccinated for Free, Maduro Says

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro confirmed on Tuesday that his government will vaccinate all the population for free against the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of their nationality.

At a meeting with governors and mayors, Maduro highlighted the people’s right to access the COVID-19 vaccine and rejected the discriminatory statements by Colombian president Ivan Duque. The Colombian head of state recently said that he would not allow the vaccination of the over 5 million undocumented Venezuelan migrants who reside in Colombia.

On Tuesday Venezuela signed an agreement with Russia to acquire 10 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. “We will be able to vaccinate 10 million Venezuelans within 90 days, whom we will prioritize by age, profession, and level of vulnerability,” Maduro stressed.

Days of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria 2021 begin with 124 returnees from Argentina

At the beginning of the special days of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria in 2021, on Sunday, January 3, a total of 124 nationals from the Argentine Republic returned to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, through the Estelar airline.

At the end of the repatriation operations in 2020, promoted by the Bolivarian Government headed by President Nicolás Maduro, on December 30, 125 Venezuelans who were also in Argentina returned to the country, totaling 249 compatriots in the last two flights from this southern nation.

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