Persons With Flu Like Symptoms Should Check The Nearest Clinic

Persons with flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, fever and cough are advised to go to the nearest district Flu Clinic ensuring that they wear appropriate facial coverings.

This advice has come from the Ministry of Health as 80 Vincentians with no recent travel history have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Persons with flu-like symptoms should not use public transportation where possible. The Flu Clinics in the nine health districts are:

  1. Kingstown Health District –Kingstown Health Centre
  1. Pembroke Health District –Buccament Polyclinic, Layou Health Centre,
  1. Chateaubelair (North Leeward) Health District – Coull’s Hill Health Centre, Chateaubelair SMART Hospital
  1. Marriaqua Health District –Levi Latham Health Complex, Evesham Health Centre, Lowmans Windward Health Centre
  1. Calliaqua Health District –Stubbs Polyclinic, Belair Health Centre
  1. Cedars Health District –Biabou Health Centre, South Rivers Health Centre
  1. Georgetown (North Windward) Health District –Georgetown Health Central, Sandy Bay Health Centre, Owia Health Center, Fancy Health Centre
  1. Northern Grenadines Health District –Port Elizabeth Hospital
  1. Southern Grenadines Health District –Celena Clouden Hospital, Mayreau Health Centre, Canouan Health Centre.

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