Churches To Make New Arrangements For Services

Churches across St Vincent and the Grenadines will now have to make arrangements for multiple services to accommodate their congregants.

The protocol for mass gatherings has been revised due to a surge in local covid cases, and effective today January 8, 2021, indoor gatherings must be limited to ten (10) persons.

During 2020 at the height of the pandemic most churches across the island host online services as most members were not from the same locale.

Another issue that congregants may have to grapple with is public transportation, and the government has also limited the number of passengers.

As of Friday 8th January 2021, the Ministry of Health stated that public vehicles would be required to limit passengers to six (6) less than the number of passengers they are licensed to carry.

As a result, an eighteen (18) seater van should only carry 12 passengers, a twenty-two (22) seater, sixteen (16) and a twenty-eight (28) seater, twenty-two (22) passengers.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has now recorded two hundred and four (204) cases of COVID-19. One hundred and two (102) persons have recovered, and one hundred and two (102) remain active.

All positive cases will continue to be isolated until cleared by two negative tests.

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