Sulphur Smell From Volcano Will Linger For A Sustained Period

A reconnaissance mission aboard a french helicopter on Wednesday 6th January revealed that the vegetation on the 1979 dome and crater floor is being impacted by the volcanic gases and material being ejected.

A new dome has formed at the La Soufriere volcano, and its growth according to Professor Richard Robertson of the UWI unit is accelerating.

The team during the flyover scouted possible new seismic station sites to monitor the latest activity better. 

Plans are underway to install cameras at the crater rim for scientific observation.

The UWI- SRC says volcanic gases will continue emitting from the new dome and residents on the volcano’s flanks can expect to smell sulphur for a sustained period.

Professor Richard Roberston said features persons mistakenly thought were new vents or cracks at the crater are head scarps associated with pre-existing gullies outside the crater. 

The helicopter flight was arranged between the Government of SVG and the Government of France, through the Embassy of France to the Eastern Caribbean States, to Barbados and the OECS in Saint Lucia.

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