Closure Of Schools Will Be Reviewed By End Of The Week

Schools across St Vincent will remain closed this week, and the closure will be under review going forward.

Minister of Health Jimmy Prince on Tuesday said in discussions with the Ministry of Education, officials have indicated that the closure of all schools would be reviewed on the advice from the Ministry of Health.

“The last time we had closure of schools we used the blended approach to learning, and that would be in place again if by some means schools can’t be reopened”.

Prince says he thinks that the situation would be reviewed by the end of this week.

Travel On Minivans

“If you are going to use public transport, you should ensure that you wear a mask, and operators of minivans should ensure this is done”, Duncan Said.

On Tuesday, Dr Roger Duncan said drivers should ensure that every passenger follows all Ministry of Health protocols.

“Distancing is going to be a challenge; we know people use the vans for daily life activities, the key thing is to wear a mask and sanitize your hands”.

Duncan said if you don’t have to use the bus, don’t.

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