Adult Industry Assoc Proposes Partnerships To Fight Covid

On the 5th Jan 2021, the Founder/President of the Adult Industry Association, Charles Lewis (a.k.a Charlie Spice) sent an official proposal to Hon. Lt. Col Jeffrey Bostic, Minister Of Health in Barbados expressing interest in joining the local fight against the Covid-19 virus.

This is part of AIA’s global campaign to establish strategic partnerships with Ministries Of Health, UN, WHO, PAHO and other international organisations to assist their efforts to mitigate the impact of the activities of sex workers worldwide on the spread of this deadly virus.

Lewis says, “ With our superior knowledge, understanding, contacts, credibility and communication capability within the local sex and adult entertainment industry, AIA is ideally qualified to provide assistance as follows.

  1. To assist partners to establish Covid-19policy and strategy with regards to sex workers, from a more informed perspective.


  1. To inform and update sex workers on the policy of its parters regarding Covid-19.


  1. To disseminate information online on the Covid-19protocols to sex workers.


  1. To advise its partners with the development and implementation of initiatives to stem the spread of the virus among sex workers and to the wider community.


  1. To establish an effective medium for sex workers to voice their opinions on policy regarding Covid-19.”

Although the primary focus of the association is to protect the rights and interests of sex workers, strippers and other professionals in the ndustry, AIA is also acutely aware and concerned that the activities of this sector can give rise to community spread of this deadly virus. Therefore, in the interest of protecting the health of the sex workers and the wider community, AIA is poised and ready to join the fight.

Lewis further says, “It is also important to note that Covid-19 is contributing to the exponential growth of the sex trade. The unprecedented number of layoffs, loss of income and the uncertainty of the markets brought about by this pandemic is resulting in a significant increase in the number of people turning to sex work ina desparate effort to survive their personal economic downturn.”

“As we all know, “Sex Sells” regardless to the presence of Covid-19, recession or any other global crisis. Therefore, we should all be mindful of the fact the sex workers will continue to ply their trade inspite of the protocols, and therein lies the risk of community spread. The industry is also shrouded in anonymity thus posing a greater challenge to contact tracing.”

The AIA team is confident in their ability to make a valuable contribution in the fight against Covid-19 and are looking forward to a successful collaboration with its partners.

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