Red Light Holland To Make Groundbreaking Investment In SVG

Red Light Holland‘s investment through the expected acquisition of Mera Life Sciences would enable global expansion and create a major scientific research and development division to explore plant-based remedies and treatment clinics in the Caribbean.

The company announced it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire 100% of Mera Life Sciences LLC (“Mera”), a company focused on developing a modern medicinal industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with their issued Psychedelic Licenses, which includes the following plants and compounds (the “Compounds”): (i) MushroomsTruffles – Psilocybin; (ii) Ketamine; (iii) Ayahuasca; (iv) 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA); (v) 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MEO-DMT); (vi) Dimethyltryptamine (DMT); (vii) Sassafras; (viii) Ibogaine; (ix) Peyote (x) Papaya; (xi) Aloe Vera; (xii) Arrowroot; (xiii) Soursop; (xiv) Ginger; (xv) Moringa; and (xvi) Coconut Oil.

The acquisition of Mera and its coveted licenses would allow Red Light Holland to perform high-quality psychedelic product research and development, cultivate, extract and process, and export, not just Psilocybin, but with compounds such as Ayahuasca, MDMA, DMT, Peyote, Ketamine and many other natural-based plants as well.

“We are The People’s Company and we want to work closely with countries wishing to develop plant and fungus-based remedies – including treatment clinics, and we now understand that St. Vincent and the Grenadines shares our vision,” said Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director.

As well, the terms of the agreement will permit Red Light Holland to collaborate with Vincentian entities to import any of the aforementioned Compounds.

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