Be Concerned And Be Prepared Says Head Of NEMO

Be concerned and be prepared. This is the advice from head of the National Emergency Management Organization Michelle Forbes.

Forbes says we have been living with an active La Soufriere for many years, and there is always a possibility that it can go from effusive to explosive.

“ We need to be ready and prepared, that is what we have been doing in conjunction with the UWI Seismic Unit for many years”.

She further stated that NEMO have been working with the northern communities for several years.

“ Last year we activated and tested our national emergency plan for volcanic emergency”.

As of Saturday 2nd January, 2021 growth of the new dome at La Soufriere according to observation was accelerating.

La Soufriere volcano, began showing signs of activity on Tuesday 29th December, 2020.

Speaking on state radio Saturday 2nd January, head of the UWI Research Unit team Professor Richard Robertson said the new dome is expanding further west of the 1979 dome, and is growing in size.

He said the dome or the black rock that persons would have seen in videos is incandescent and will glow at nights.

“It is what we expected, and once effusion starts at La Soufriere it can continue for several weeks or months”. Robertson stated.

On Saturday a Web Cam Monitoring System was installed at Rose Hall to constantly monitor the summit of the Volcano.

A Data Centre was also established at the Observatory at Belmont, to analyze the data collected from the volcano.

The UWI Seismic team also conducted an alternate site exploration on Saturday at Fancy and other areas to identify new sites where equipment will be installed.

Alert level remains at Orange. No evacuation order or notice has been issued.

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