State Employees Required To Wear Mask To Work From Monday


Please be advised that on the recommendation of the Chief Medical Officer, the cabinet directed that with effect from Monday, 4th January, 2021 all employees of the State are required to wear appropriate mask or facial coverings while they are at work.

Public officers are also strongly advised to wear mask while in public, on public transportation and in situations where social/safe distancing is not possible.

Persons visiting government offices must wear mask or facial coverings.

The mask must be worm properly so that it covers the individual’s nose and mouth and must remain in place for the entire duration of the customer’s visit.

Officers who are experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked to remain at home, Similarly, customers are to be advised not to visit government offices if they are experiencing symptoms of this nature.

Individuals who suspect that they may have been exposed to GOVID-19 are to contact the COVID-19 hotline at (784) 834-4828 for advice and guidance and to refrain from visiting any medical facility unless so directed by the health Authorities.

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