Yemen: 27 Killed As Explosions Target New Government

At least 27 people were killed and dozens injured by a powerful explosion at Aden International Airport on December 30, shortly after a plane carrying members of the new Yemeni government landed, the Al Hadath channel reported, citing a government representative.

The ministers were not injured, and an Al Arabiya correspondent indicated that the explosion was accompanied by subsequent gunfire.

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani stated through his personal Twitter account that “the cowardly terrorist attack” was carried out by “the Iranian-backed Huthian militia.”

For its part, Sky News Arabia quotes its correspondent and reports that two explosions took place: one targeted the airport runway and the other the terminal. One of them took place near the area where the journalists who had arrived at Aden airport to cover the arrival of the government were located, and injured a Sky News Arabia cameraman, according to the publication.

Soon afrer, another explosion was recorded in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Aden, Yemen, a few hours after the city’s airport was attacked with missiles upon the arrival of a plane carrying members of the new Yemeni government.

According to Sky News Arabia, the new explosion was caused by the impact of a missile or an unmanned plane. At the moment, no possible victims have been reported.

The Yemeni president in exile, Abd Rabbuh Mansur al Hadi, has blamed these “terrorist acts” on the Huthi militia and extremist terrorist groups and has assured that these attacks “will not dissuade the legitimate government from exercising its functions from the temporary capital, Aden.”


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