Trinidad Scientists To Monitor Active Volcano In St Vincent

A team of three scientists from the UWI Seismic Research Institute is expected to arrive in St Vincent before the end of this week.

The Team will be assisting local NEMO officials with the monitoring of La Soufriere volcano, which began showing signs of activity on Tuesday.

The team comprises Prof Richard Robertson, Ian Juman and Lloyd Lynch, they are currently based at the UWI unit in St Augustine.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on Tuesday at a media conference that the scientists would be flown to St Vincent on regional security system aircraft.

On Tuesday Prof Richard Robertson told the Vincentian media that the La Soufriere volcano is currently going through a stage of effusive eruptions.

No prediction can be made at this time if La Soufriere will move from the effusive stage to an explosive one, he stated.

Prime Minister Gonsalves urged citizens living close to the volcano to make all necessary preparations to evacuate in case an order is given.

No evacuation order is in effect at this time Gonsalves repeated on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

The increased activity taking place at La Soufriere is an effusive nature or eruption internally.

“Nobody should be up there, and if you are, you must come out because the place will be very hot.

“ I am asking you to refrain from visiting the volcano at this time due not only to the heat itself, but the strong sulphur can affect your respiratory system and of course you do not want to be there if you have a strong explosive eruption, that’s why you can’t go and tempt fate.”

All visits to the La Soufriere volcano on the southern Caribbean island of St Vincent has been suspended with immediate effect as of Tuesday 29th December 2020.

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