Listen To Official Sources And Less Social Media – Friday

Leader of the Opposition Dr Godwin Friday and members of his team visited areas within the North Windward constituency amidst concerns about La Soufriere.

As of Wednesday, the La Soufriere volcano which sits on the Southern Caribbean island of St Vincent continues to ooze magma from a new dome located on the northwestern side of the crater.

Friday in speaking to the residents urge them to listen to the authorities, stay informed and do what is necessary, first and foremost to protect life.

He told the residents in Owia to pay less attention to social media where the message can become distorted.

Friday says unlike a hurricane where you can get many notices to prepare, a volcano can erupt with little warning.

“ You need to secure your important documents, your property before you leave,  let’s hope it does not come to that”.

“ I can only imagine what the people of this constituency feel, going to bed and living so close to the volcano”, Friday said.

One woman told Dr Friday that she did not sleep last evening as the children were in Sandy Bay.

“ I experienced it in 1979, but they the kids did not, I am really worried”, the woman stated.

The opposition leader reiterated to residents that they must be careful with social media, and pay more attention to official sources.

Other members of the visiting team included Central Kingstown MP St Clair Leacock, NDP’s candidate for North Windward Shevern John and other party officials.

On Tuesday UWI Prof Richard Robertson told the Vincentian media that the La Soufriere volcano is currently going through a stage of effusive eruptions.

No prediction can be made at this time if La Soufriere will move from the effusive stage to an explosive one, he stated.

Prime Minister Gonsalves urged citizens living close to the volcano to make all necessary preparations to evacuate in case an order is given.

No evacuation order is in effect at this time Gonsalves repeated on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

The increased activity taking place at La Soufriere is an effusive nature or eruption internally.

All visits to the La Soufriere volcano on the southern Caribbean island of St Vincent has been suspended with immediate effect as of Tuesday 29th December 2020.

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