All Visits To St Vincent's La Soufriere Volcano Suspended

All visits to the La Soufriere volcano on the southern Caribbean island of St Vincent has been suspended with immediate effect as of Tuesday 29th December 2020.

This is due to increased activity at the volcano which is now at an effusive stage.

On Tuesday officials from UWI Seismic Unit said that activity has been taking place at the site since November, however, they were within the normal of seismic activity for La Soufriere.

On  27th December a hot spot was seen on NASA Satellite above the volcano. The image was in the middle of the crater and from since Monday the hot-spot or heat source has continued.

The officials further noted that there is an emission of magma on the northwestern side of La Soufriere where a new dome is growing next to the existing one.

The Prime Minister said that those living at elevations close to the volcano such as farmers should remove themselves now.

“ I will be hot up there, no one should try to venture to the area, let the experts do their work”.


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