Unesco Highlights Contributions Of Cuban Cities For Creativity

The contribution of Havana and Trinidad in the development of creative industries in Cuba was highlighted by Unesco.

In its official publication, the Creative Cities Network, the organization praised “the value of creative economies and cultural industries in the Cuban economic model, as a sustainable and resilient alternative for development.”

The Unesco Network of Creative Cities promotes cooperation between different cities towards a common goal: to place creativity and cultural industries at the center of its local development plan and to actively cooperate at the international level in the matter.

Havana and Trinidad were recognized on October 30, 2019, the first in the Music section, and the second in the Crafts and Popular Arts section.

The list, which covers a varied representation of towns on all continents, includes contributions in other categories such as design, cinema, literature, digital arts or gastronomy.

Unesco had recognized as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, both the Historic Center of Old Havana (1982) and Trinidad (1988), including its picturesque Valley of the Sugar Mills, which also deserved in 2018 the status of Artisan City of the World.


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