Nine Nights Of Lights Extended To December 30th

It’s official! Nine Nights of Lights at the Botanical Garden has been extended! The lights will now be aglow every night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, from Saturday, December 26th to Thursday, December 30th. 2020.

Those who missed the first opportunity to come and enjoy the splendour of a lighted SVG Botanical Garden, now have the opportunity to do so.

History of Nine Nights

The now-famous “Nine Nights of Lights” celebrated at the St. Vincent Botanical Garden each year during the Vincentian Christmas festivities, is the brainchild of the Curator of the Garden, Mr. Gordon Shallow.

The idea for the event came about in 2014 during a committee meeting for the 250th-anniversary celebration of the Botanical Garden to be held in 2015. Mr. Shallow conceived a very ambitious and out of the box idea of yearlong calendar activities to commemorate this historic milestone of the Botanical Garden since it’s establishment in 1765.

Mr. Shallow took inspiration from his childhood, hearing from his foster grandmother, Mrs. Germaine “granny” Rose, of her stories of time spent in the Botanical Garden as a young girl. Her stories of moonlight evening and games in the Garden, as well as the young people courting under the moonlight, tripping over them and mistaking them for huge bolder that were oddly placed all over the Garden.

The timing for Nine Nights of Lights was to coincide with the National Nine Mornings festivities that are widespread across our beloved SVG, but yet be very different and unique in it’s form and appeal. The name “Nine Nights of Lights” also drew from the National Nine Mornings festivities, though it begins and ends a day earlier, December 15th to 23rd.

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