St Lucia: Official Warns Of Increased Risk Of Food-Borne Illness

(St Lucia Times) – Saint Lucia’s  Chief Environmental Health Officer, Parker Ragnanan, has warned that there’s an increased risk of food-borne illness during the Christmas season.

” History has also shown that there is generally an increase in food-borne related illness every year to coincide with the festive season as recorded by the Department of Health and Wellness,” Ragnanan says.

According to the senior health official, the festive season is usually a time when the general public purchase and consume more foods than usual.

As a result, he urged  consumers to be vigilant when purchasing, transporting, storing and preparing food products.

The Department of Health and Wellness has offered a number of tips to ensure food safety.

They include examining all foods carefully before purchase, checking for expiry dates and not buying meats that have not been inspected and passed.

The department has also advised consumers to prepare food as close as possible to eating time.

In addition, it says separate cutting boards and utensils for raw meats and ready to eat foods should be used.

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