10 Million Toys Distributed To Working Class Venezuelans

The Bolivarian Government delivered the gifts through the CLAP system.

In keeping with annual tradition, the Bolivarian government of Venezuela is delivering 10 million toys to children throughout Venezuelan in time for Christmas.  Chavista leaders shared the task of handing out the gifts in communities, on behalf of President Nicolas Maduro who kept his word on a promise to ensure the delivery of the toys, back in October.

That pledge by the President was accompanied by special measures to stimulate the production of toys in the country, in order to guarantee public purchases while also adoporting measures to increase toy imports.
As with many government programs and initiatives, the toys were circulated to households through the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) system, known best as the mechanism through with the monthly CLAP box is distributed to households, carrying mostly non-perishable items to supplement the nutritional diet of working class families.

The purchase of basic grocery items has at times been extremely challenging under ever-intensifying illegal economic sanctions imposed by the United States government in order to suffocate the Bolivarian people into submission, with aims to remove the democratically-elected and Constitutional government.

The unilateral coercive measures and U.S. blockade, a collaboration between the most extremist sectors of the opposition and international neoliberal forces allied with Washington, have been part of what has been deemed a ‘hybrid war,’ targetting the Venezuelan people most loyal to the Revolution and its leaders, and harming women and children among other vulnerable groups. Despite the extensive economic damage affecting many areas of Venezuelan life, the government has sought a range of innovative ways to overcome the effects of the blockade and ensure a traditional christmas with toys for the children.

Venezuela is also confronting the COVID-19 pandemic like all other countries, but amid a sea of sanctions that few other countries have weathered to this extent. The Venezuelan people have triumphed over countless coup and destabilization attempts since Commander Hugo Chavez came to power in 1999 and there’s no indication that the victories will be letting up.

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