Looks Like Its Gonna Be A Rainy Christmas – Weather Outlook

On the southern edge of the Atlantic High Pressure System, weak unstable conditions with scattered showers are likely across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) tonight and occasional brisk trade-winds could continue bringing patches of low-level clouds with isolated showers during Thursday.

 A thin film of haze may be noticeable across our area on Friday and a shearline dipping southwards across the island chain is expected to lower temperatures across our area and bring periods of light rain, with pockets of moderate showers late Friday into Saturday.

Fresh (‘~30 – 40 km/h) north-easterly trades are across our islands and higher gusts (near 45 km/h) are possible mainly during the nights.

A gradual reduction in wind-speeds is likely late Friday into Saturday, becoming gentle to moderate (‘~10 – 25 km/h) by Saturday afternoon.

Moderate to rough sea-conditions are across our islands; with north north-easterly swells near 1.8 m on western coasts and near 2.7 m on eastern coasts.

Temporary fall in swell-heights may be noticeable during Thursday, rising again with east north-easterly swells during the night…Small craft-operators and sea-bathers should continue to exercise caution for above normal sea-swells and gusty winds…Swell heights are expected to steadily fall during Saturday, becoming slight (near 1.2 m) on western coasts and moderate (near 2.0 m) on eastern coasts.

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