Police Warns Public As British Citizen Breaches Quarantine In SVG

Police Press Release

Mr. Ifield Shallow, a British citizen who has breached quarantine is strongly advised to contact the Health Services Subcommittee of the National Emergency Committee/COVID-19 Task Force, Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment immediately.

Members of the general public are also advised to take the necessary precautions if they come into contact with Mr. Shallow.

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Comments (10)

      1. The police did issue another statement saying that the man is continuing his 9 day quarantine in central leeward.

      2. The police issued another statement saykng that the guy is in his 9 day quarantine at home. You bee to post that as well.

  1. This is totally unacceptable!! The public needs to know exactly where Mr Shallow resides , if we are armed with this information we can then make a consorted effort to avoid, to locate or to be prepared to deal with him..
    In fact, Any person who knowinglyputs others at risk with covid19 should be arrested and prosecuted..

  2. Stop sending these people to finish their quarantine at home without supervision. yes they are adults but they are acting like kids .
    And that’s not a good idea, if there are other people living in the same house.