Martinique: 750 kilos of cocaine seized ,two arrests, one dead

The Marine Customs Maritime Surveillance Brigade conducted a check on a vessel on the night of Friday, December 11, carrying more than 21 bales of cocaine on board.

This is a pretty exceptional seizure in Martinique, and even beyond. At about 1 a.m. on Friday night, the Marin’s marine customs surveillance brigade checked a 9-metre-long speedboat equipped with two 300-horsepower engines.

Inside the boat, which was sailing with all lights off, customs officers discovered 21 bundles of cocaine for a total of 750 kilograms of white powder. A loaded and chambered submachine gun was also seized.

The two occupants, a 44-year-old Martinique man and a 29-year-old Venezuelan, who were initially held in customs detention, were then handed over to the OFAST (Anti-Narcotic Office), following a decision by the Fort-de-France prosecutor’s office.
Macabre discovery
According to the first elements of the investigation, they loaded the goods on the high seas between Barbados and St. Vincent. That’s where the Venezuelan national is believed to have boarded. At the Martiniquais’ home, investigators also found nearly 100,000 euros.
Unfortunately, the case does not end there. Shortly after controlling the boat, a lifeless body was discovered off Pointe Faula on Friday morning.
Early indications suggest that the 38-year-old Martinique man had boarded with at least one of the two men on Thursday, “officially for a fishing trip.”
An investigation has been opened for “research of the causes of death” and entrusted to the gendarmerie.
The two alleged traffickers were indicted on Monday on charges of “importing and exporting narcotics in an organized gang, criminal association, money laundering, carrying and transporting Class A and B weapons in an organized gang”. They are on remand at Ducos Prison.

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