Haitian sentenced in Montreal for the rape of a 7yro

Marcel Casseus (66) a Haitian asylum seeker living in Montreal for several years, imprisoned since his arrest on July 18 on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young girl, appeared at the Montreal courthouse where he was found guilty of raping a 7-year-old girl.

After having pleaded guilty, the judge Pierre Labelle after the pronouncement of the sentence condemn Marcel Casseus to six years in prison in addition to being registered in the register of sexual predators for 20 years declared that it was necessary “to pass the message that attacking children will always be severely punished .”

In 6 years, after having served his sentence, Casseus will be deported to Haiti because of his status in Canada,

Recall that Marcel Casseus had won the trust of a family in Montreal where he sometimes looked after the children when the parents had to be away.

It was during one of his guards in July 2020, that Casseus raped the then 7-year-old girl and was caught red-handed by the older sister (14) of the young victim, which rushed to alert her mother who was at work. Following the rape, Casseus fled, a run that lasted only 3 days before being arrested.

Photo vignette Montreal Police Department.


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