4 Dead, Major Pileups, As Winter Storm Pummels Northeast

Two people died Wednesday in Pennsylvania as a result of a crash involving dozens of vehicles, as a giant snowstorm rolled through Northeast.

Pennsylvania state police confirmed to multiple outlets, including The New York Times, that the individuals who died were part of a massive pileup on Clinton County’s Interstate 80, which involved between 30 and 60 vehicles, according to Fox News.
Authorities also told the Times that another man had died after being accidentally struck by a municipal snowplow late Wednesday afternoon in western Pennsylvania, around 13 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

In a Virginia car crash, a 19-year-old man was killed, a Virginia State Police spokesperson told the Times.

Fox News reports that six people have been hospitalized (four with more serious injuries) after a pileup including at least 20 vehicles in New York City, according to sources at the New York City Fire Department and city officials. According to the Times, the crash took place near a bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx.

By just after midnight on Thursday, 6½ inches of sleet and snow had already blanketed Central Park, the National Weather Service reported, adding, “This winter storm is greater than the total snow for the 2019-2020 winter season of 4.8 [inches].”

The NWS previously advised N.Y.C. residents to brace for 13 inches of snow, while parts of New Jersey were expected to receive up to 18 inches.

Parts of Long Island were reported to be hit with up to 14 inches of snow, while more than a foot was also expected up the coast of Connecticut.

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