“I Have Not Seen My Child Since She Was Questioned By Police”

The mother of a 3yro who spoke out about an alleged sexual assault of her child is now distraught after not knowing where her daughter is.

The mother who called hot97 on Wednesday morning said that following the posting of a video where the child was questioned about an alleged sexual assault by a family member.

She now appears to be paying the price for allowing the public in on “family affairs”.

She told the radio host that following a complaint by her daughter that  her vagina was hurting, herself and the father went to a doctor who recommend the use of medication.

That doctor,  she said,  did not confirm if the child was molested.

Upon reporting the matter to the police they were taken to the Georgetown hospital where a medical professional confirmed that the child’s hymen was removed.

She noted that they were told to bring the child to the Mesopotamia police station where the officers from the sexual offenses unit would question the child.

“ I was told I can’t be present when they question the child, I gave way, however since then I have not seen my child, this is since Monday, I don’t know where my child is, nobody is saying anything”.

The mother cited that all she is being told about is a video which was posted on social media.

“ That has now become the focus of the situation, not what happened to my child”.

The mother who says she was sexually assaulted at a young age and did not speak out, was encouraged by the radio host to seek legal counsel immediately.

This Is A Developing Story 

Prevalence and forms of child abuse in St Vincent

In 2019 Dr Jozelle Miller, a psychologists at the MCMH said that over the last two years, they have noticed an increase in the number of cases coming to clinic as it relates to children who are being sexually assaulted in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The information might be of a surprise to some persons because they might not be aware of it but sometimes parents and guardians and friends are the ones who come to the clinic so that these children can receive help,” said Dr Miller.

She said there is a serious problem here with sexual assault and rape and it is time for us to put measures in place to first and foremost be able to identify when our children are being assaulted and also to figure out the best intervention in a timely fashion to help these children and their family.

“There is a spill over effect when a child is being assaulted that in most cases the other children in that family are also going to be affected by what has transpired,” said Dr Miller who noted that over the years they have been trying to raise awareness while trying to build capacity so that the issues can be addressed.

According to a 2009 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report, sexual abuse of children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is “vastly under-reported” but believed to be a “significant” problem (UN Nov. 2009, 28).

Since 2006 there has been an increase in reports of incest involving girls in the country as well as reports of children adding to family income through involvement in “commercial sexual exploitation”.

An earlier UNICEF report explained that it is considered socially acceptable in the Caribbean for older men to seduce younger girls, and that such relationships are sometimes encouraged for economic reasons.

There is now a campaign on social media seeking justice for Adreil.

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