Man jet-skis across Irish Sea to see girlfriend

(NY DAILY NEWS) – Your chariot awaits.

Scotsman Dale McLaughlan purchased a personal water craft, which he used to cross the Irish Sea and skirt COVID restrictions to visit his new girlfriend in the Isle of Man, according to the BBC. Now he’s in hot water.

McLaughlan reportedly met his girlfriend while doing roofing work in September, then returned home once his four-week stint was finished. After being refused several permits to come back to the self-governing island, McLaughlan purchased a water craft, akin to a Jet-Ski and spent more than four-hours crossing the sea before reaching the island 25 miles away. He then walked 15 miles to the unidentified woman’s home over the weekend. She reportedly believed he was still working on the island.

McLaughlan was arrested Sunday, the day after he and his girlfriend hit the nightclub scene. He did not have a permit to legally be on the Isle of Man. A judge found him responsible for his “deliberate and intentional attempt” to avoid COVID-19 restrictions and ordered him to spend four more weeks on the island, but in jail.

His attorney told the court that his 28-year-old client, who’d never before ridden a Jet Ski, was depressed about not being able to see his new love.

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