Florida man dies after window slams on him during burglary

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(NY DAILY NEWS) – A suspected burglar was killed over the weekend when the window of a home he was trying to break into slammed down on him and kept him hanging by the neck until he died, authorities said.

Jonathan Hernandez, 32, was already dead when deputies arrived at the scene Saturday in Lehigh Acres, about 15 miles east of Fort Myers, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The man’s family disputes the account, saying Hernandez was not a burglar or a bad person.

But Lt. Russell Park, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said in a video briefing Monday that the convicted felon was indeed “trying to work his way through the window” when it “unexpectedly” closed on top of him and pinned him, “keeping him suspended in air” for an unknown amount of time.

Park also said Hernandez is no stranger to law enforcement, noting that he was arrested in 2014 for his alleged involvement in a murder case. Park did not provide details.

Hernandez’s fiancée, Patricia Duarte, said the family is surprised by the latest allegations and does not believe he was breaking into the home.

“Soon as I got there I’m like, there’s no way. This isn’t what happened,” she told local station NBC2 News.

“I just need something to be done the right way. I need a proper investigation,” she said. “I need the actual truth to come to light.”

The major crimes division of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation.

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