Veron Primus Charged With Damaging Plywood And Galvanize

On 11.12.2020, Police arrested and charged Veron Primus, a 33 year old Labourer of Vermont with while being in lawful custody at Her Majesty’s Prison did escape from such custody between 3:00pm on 8.12.20 and 6:00am on 9.12.20.

He was further charged with allegedly damaging without lawful excuse one (1) sheet of 3/8 plywood and one (1) sheet 16” galvanize by cutting same with a nipper and hacksaw blade.

Primus appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate Court to answer to the charges and pleaded guilty. He was sentence to 3 months imprisonment for damage to property and 24 months for escaping lawful custody. Both sentences will run concurrently.

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