Guatemalans Protest for Fourth Straight Weekend

Guatemalans Protest for Fourth Straight Weekend

Demonstrators demand Giammattei’s resignation, a purge in Congress, and the resignation of the Attorney General.
The protest this Saturday brought together music and poetry, with the presence of organizations including Otra Guatemala Ya, Gente Positiva, Coincidir, Marx Guatemala, Landivarianos, Jóvenes Políticos en Acción and Unidos contra la Corrupción.

Artists such as the Mayan kaqchikel singer-songwriter Sara Curruchich participated in the demonstration, adopting the slogan “resign now” aimed at those responsible for what they say is systemic corruption.

The National Civil Police also deployed hundreds of unarmed agents to protect government buildings near the popular concentration.

The Giammattei government entered a crisis on November 18 with the approval of a controversial budget by Congress, where it has a majority with allied parties, provoking anger which led to several large-scale protests.

Despite the fact that on December 4, Giammattei announced changes in the Executive’s policy, in an attempt to curb social discontent, civil groups insist that they were only tinkering and intend to continue to mobilize.

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