Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Plan Against Its Oil Facilities

Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Plan Against Its Oil Facilities

The plan was thwarted thanks to the intervention of the Bolivarian special forces.

On Friday afternoon, Venezuela‘s Economy and Oil Minister Tarek El Aisami announced that the Bolivarian security forces thwarted a terrorist act aimed at destroying the El Palito refinery and an oil pipeline.

“The attack was prepared from Colombia by FANB deserters who enjoy protection from the government of Ivan Duque, who directly authorized this frustrated terrorist attack,” the Oil Minister said, as reported by local outlet Ultimas Noticias.

He also assured that two citizens were detained at the refinery, with powerful explosives that intended to destroy the main pipeline for pumping gasoline and other products.

This attack was to be carried out before the December 6 elections to cause panic in the population.

“The seized material is used to demolish large infrastructures. The attack not only would have destroyed the El Palito refinery but would have seriously affected the surrounding towns,” El Aisami added.

On April 13, the El Palito refinery restarted operations after several months of shutdown. This strategic infrastructure is located in the Puerto Cabello municipality, on the coast of Carabobo State.

Currently, the refinery is producing at least 35,000 barrels of fuel per day, as reported by local outlet La Prensa de Lara. TELESUR

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