Long Line Road! Government, Take Heed!

Long Line Road! Government, Take Heed!

Dear Editor

Take a walk or a drive around a road that is presently being repaired, the Long Line Road, that runs from Belmont on the Leeward side, through the mountains, and joins back to the main road in Coulls Hill, just below the Primary School.

It is commendable that the Government desires to have that road repaired so they can fix the bad part of the road leading out of Coulls Hill toward Troumaca on the main road, while motorists use the Long Line road during that period of fixing.

However, certain areas along the Long Line road appears to be rather dangerous as a series of landslides have already been happening, probably due to the loose nature of the soil.

On the opposite side are some deep valleys for which railings may not work due to the loose nature of the soil.

Most of the already repaired parts of the road are too narrow to allow two vehicles to pass, and  some repaired parts of the road are also cracked.

Imagine a minibus and a truck or two trucks traveling on that road in opposite directions. It will be extreme stress for both drivers to pass each other.

A heavy vehicle on its way from Kingstown, traveling Long Line Road, can easily end up in a deep valley as it tries to pass another vehicle moving in the opposite direction.

 I am being realistic about this situation. The Government should seriously consider whether they should continue with this Long Line Road project.

It may be better to use a ferry service from Chateaubelair harbour to Kingstown and back while fixing the main road between Coulls Hill and Troumaca.

Some drivers are already saying they are not going to use the dangerous Long Line Road. Government, please  take heed! Investigate the project and make a wise decision.

Very Concerned Citizen.

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