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Venezuela Denounces OAS Support for Possible Coup

Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, rejected the alleged plans of the Organization of the United States (OAS) to support the United States (US) in a new “coup” attempt against the South American nation.

In a post on his official Twitter account, Moncada denounced that the OAS’s plan is meant to repeat the same process in Bolivia in 2019, when the international body failed to recognize the results of the presidential elections.

Moncada said that the OAS is seeking to ignore the results of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, even though he acknowledges the right-wing opposition’s alleged consultation “to invade Venezuela.”

Bolivia Reopens its Diplomatic Office in Venezuela

Bolivia’s Ambassador in Venezuela Sebastian Michel Monday reopened the diplomatic office in Caracas to “strengthen the union between both nations.”Relations between our two brotherly peoples will continue. We are proud to reopen the diplomatic seat in the land of Simon Bolivar and Antonio de Sucre,” Michel said.

The opening of the embassy was attended by former Bolivian President Evo Morales, Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Rander Peña, and other Latin American leftist politicians: “For 200 years Bolivia and Venezuela have always supported each other. Our country is returning to this nation through the democratic way, a year after the coup d’état,” Michel said.

Venezuela: Electoral Council Briefs on Second Election Report

Having counted 98.63 percent of the ballots cast in Sunday’s elections, the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) coalition secured 75 percent of the 277 seats that make up Venezuela’s Parliament. National Electoral Council (CNE) President Indira Alfonzo informed that valid votes tallies climbed to 6,251,018 votes, which represents a turnout of 30.6 percent.

GPP obtained 4 million 277,926 votes for a total of 68.43 percent of Sunday’s ballots. The coalition Democratic Alliance (DA) placed second with 1,095,170 votes (17.51 percent), followed by the United Venezuela Alliance (AVU) with 259,450 votes (4.15 percent).Venezuela’s Communist Party (PCV) gained 168,743 votes (2.7 percent) and other political organizations obtained 405,017 votes (6.48 percent).

International Community’s Double Standards Affect Venezuela

Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa Tuesday condemned the international opposition to Venezuela’s parliamentary elections held on December 6. “The attitude of many world leaders shows their double standard in issues such as human rights and electoral rights,” Correa explained.

Countries such as Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, and Chile are calling Venezuela’s parliamentary elections illegitimate because 30 percent of 20 million people called to vote went to the polls. “Romania had the same percentage of attendance. However, no president or international outlets denied the election results of this European country that do not suffer from blockades and sanctions,” Correa added.

FM Arreaza Rejects US Claims of Fraud at Venezuelan Elections

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza Sunday rejected the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statements about an alleged “fraud” at the National Assembly elections.

“Pompeo must accept that the policy towards the Bolivarian nation has failed. According to President Donald Trump, the fraud was committed in the U.S. elections,” Arreaza tweeted, alluding to the claims of the White House leader after his opponent Joe Biden’s victory.”Assimilate with calm and resignation Venezuela’s truth. Hopefully, diplomacy will soon return to the State Department and the White House,” the Bolivarian minister added.

On Sunday, Pompeo challenged the legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections by saying that there would not be a representation of the people’s opinion at the new National Assembly because of an “electoral fraud.”

President Maduro: ‘Democracy Triumphs, a New Cycle Begins’

President Nicolas Maduro Monday congratulated the Great Patriotic Pole, a coalition of leftist political organizations, for its victory and the Venezuelan people for the democratic vocation expressed in the elections held on Dec. 6.

“Venezuela has a new Assembly. This is a great victory for democracy and the country’s Constitution. Five years ago we recognized the opposition’s triumph, but today it was our turn to win,” Maduro said.

The new Assembly has the mission to improve the one settled from 2005 to 2010 when important laws were promoted in favor of the popular sectors. “Let’s go for a new cycle, more virtuous, and autonomous,” he added.


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