Payments To Farmers Under The COVID-19 Drought 2020 Programme

Farmers are asked to note that payments under the Covid-19 and Drought 2020 Relief Programme will be made throughout the country on Friday 11th and Monday 13th December 2020 at the following locations from 9:00 am.

  1. Langley Park  Palletization Centre: for farmers who  registered at:
    1. Fancy Primary School
    2. Sandy Bay Learning Resource Centre
    3. Langley Park Palletisation Centre
  1. Park Hill Community CentreFor farmers who registered at:
    1. Park Hill Community Centre
    2. Colonarie Learning Resource Centre
    3. Byera
    4. South Rivers Learning Resource Centre
  1. LaudersAgro Processing  Centre: For farmers registered at:
    1. Lauders Agro Processing Centre
    2. San Souci Learning Resource Centre
  1. La Croix Palletization Centre: For farmers registered at:
    1. Biabou Learning Resource Centre
    2. Dauphine Community Centre
    3. Dumbarton Agriculture Station
    4. La Coix  Boxing Plant
    5. Stubbs Primary School
    6. Richland  Park Primary School
    7. Rivulet Agriculture Station
  1. Kingstown Geest Shed: For farmers registered at:
    1. Bequia Learning Resource Centre
    2. Dorsetshire Hill Primary School
    3. Kingstown  ( at Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters)
    4. Rillan Hill Resource Centre Vermont Community Centre
  1. Rose Bank  Community Centre:For farmers registered at:
    1. Chateaubelair Community Centre
    2. Rose Hall Community Centre
    3. Rose Bank Community Centre
    4. Troumaca Primary School

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