SVG Absent From OAS Resolution On Elections In Venezuela

St Vincent and the Grenadines are among nations were absent from a vote held by the OAS on the recent elections in Venezuela.

The nations who were absent from the vote was (Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.). 5 abstentions (Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Suriname); 2 against (Bolivia and Mexico).




REITERATING the principles and mechanisms established in the Charter of the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Democratic Charter for the preservation of democratic institutions in the member states;

REAFFIRMING that the peoples of the Americas have the right to democracy and governments the obligation to promote and defend it;

RECALLING resolutions AG/RES. 2963 (L-O / 20) and AG/RES. 2944 (XLIX-O / 19), of the General Assembly, as well as resolutions CP/RES. 1156 (2291/20), CP/RES. 1143 (2269/20), CP/RES. 1117 (2200/19) and CP/RES. 1078 (2108/17), of this Council;

EXPRESSING its rejection of the fraudulent election of December 6, conducted by the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro, with the evident purpose of eliminating the only legitimate and democratically elected institution remaining in Venezuela;

AFFIRMING, with grave concern, that the installation of a non-democratically elected entity deepens the process of destruction of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela, aggravating the continuing deterioration of political and social conditions, including economic, humanitarian, human rights, and security in the country; and

NOTING with satisfaction the initiative of civil society, with the backing of the National Assembly, to hold a popular consultation for the purpose of allowing citizens to express themselves regarding the conditions of the fraudulent election held on December 6,


1.​To reject the fraudulent elections held in Venezuela on December 6, 2020, and to not recognize its results, for being neither free nor fair in accordance with the conditions established in international law; for lacking impartiality and transparency; for not having had the participation of all political actors and citizens; for not having released political prisoners; for the lack of independence of the electoral authority; and for not having an independent and credible international electoral observation.

2.​To condemn in the strongest terms the consistent and deliberate strategy of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro to undermine the democratic system and the separation of powers, including through the installation of a non-democratically elected entity as a result of the fraudulent elections of December 6, consolidating Venezuela as a dictatorship.

3.​To make an urgent call for the protection and physical security of the democratically elected members of the National Assembly to be guaranteed and for the safe return of those members of the opposition who are in exile

4.​To call for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Venezuela, and for the cessation of continued political prosecutions

5.​To express solidarity with the Venezuelan people and firm support for the persistent and broad efforts of democratic actors in Venezuela, particularly political parties and civil society, towards the restoration of democracy in the country.

6.​To reiterate the call to hold, as soon as possible, free, fair, transparent and legitimate presidential and parliamentary elections, with independent and credible international electoral observation, as part of a transition process that leads to the appointment of a democratically elected government in accordance with the will of the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan constitution.

7.​To urge all member states and invite the permanent observers of the Organization of American States to support the Venezuelan people in their efforts to restore democratic order in Venezuela, through the adoption of diplomatic, political, economic, and financial measures aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the situation in Venezuela.

8.​To demand full access to the international community to allow the provision of assistance to the most vulnerable populations affected by the crisis in Venezuela, in accordance with generally recognized humanitarian principles and international law.

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