‘Venezuela Has Now A Legitimate Assembly’ Observers Note

The head of the delegation of Russian electoral observers Igor Ananskij highlighted that Venezuela’s National Assembly gained legitimacy after the elections that took place on Sunday, December 6.

“The most important result of these elections is that Venezuela now has a legitimate National Assembly,” Ananskij told Sputnik.

The vice president of the Russian Parliament’s Lower House (Duma) also expressed the hope that “the political crisis in Venezuela will end and it will be possible to think about the economic development of the republic.”

Ananskij emphasized that the elections took place within the constitutional deadline, therefore everything was legitimate.

The Russian observer called the fact that the ruling party won most seats in Congress as “expected”.

“The opposition gathered the necessary number of votes and will be able to present its initiatives, and express its point of view, which is very important for the democratic development of Venezuela,” he concluded.


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