President Maduro: ‘Democracy Triumphs, a New Cycle Begins’

The Great Patriotic Pole got a resounding victory, reaching 67.6 percent of the votes in the Parliamentary elections.

President Nicolas Maduro Monday congratulated the Great Patriotic Pole, a coalition of leftist political organizations, for its victory and the Venezuelan people for the democratic vocation expressed in the elections held on Dec. 6.

“Venezuela has a new Assembly. This is a great victory for democracy and the country’s Constitution. Five years ago we recognized the opposition’s triumph, but today it was our turn to win,” Maduro said.

The new Assembly has the mission to improve the one settled from 2005 to 2010 when important laws were promoted in favor of the popular sectors. “Let’s go for a new cycle, more virtuous, and autonomous,” he added.

After knowing the results, Maduro emphasized the importance of settling differences among the Venezuelan people to comply with the electoral calendar. The next step will be to elect the country’s mayors and governors.

On Sunday, Venezuela celebrated the 2020 Parliamentary elections, which is a voting process foreseen in the Constitution to renew the Legislative branch every five years.

“Today, the people decided that I should remain in command of our Homeland. They validated the Bolivarian Revolution in peace and through the vote,” Maduro assured.

Two hundred and seventy-seven lawmakers were elected among the 14,400 candidates nominated. The Great Patriotic Pole got a resounding victory, reaching 67.6 percent of the votes. (TELESUR) 

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