Activists Calls For Boycotting Of Businesses Owned By ULP Supporters

At least two social activists who are staunched supporters of the St Vincent Opposition party have made public calls via the Facebook platform for the economic decimation of businesses owned by supporters of the ULP, the ruling party.

Social activists Kenson King and Nailah John Prince stated that the boycott was a way of sending a message to the government for them to understand that supporters of the NDP are Vincentians and must be treated as such.

In a Facebook post-, Kenson King said. “I am calling on you NDP SUPPORTERS to boycott anything ULP, especially their small business owners who support your economic lynching”.

The activists went on to state.  “Remove the money and cause them pain too, if you cannot get to work to earn because they choose to be “partisan” and give work only to their comrades, why spend your money to build them and their businesses”?

King told supporters of the Opposition party that he means every word. “NDP supporters, do not feel bad doing this, they feel nothing when they deprive you of making a dollar”.

King is now being joined by activists Nailah John Prince who stated that  If you are an NDP supporter and have a business to list it below her posting on Facebook.

She told NDP supporters to post the name of business, location, website and contact info, saying support your own, enough is enough.

What is a boycott? Quite simply, a boycott is an effort to convince a large number of consumers not to do business with a particular person or business. Occasionally, a boycott of a country may occur, when another country refuses to engage in trade.

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