US Observers Endorse Venezuela’s Election Legitimacy

U.S. political actors observing Venezuela’s parliamentary elections Sunday ratified the process’ legitimacy, despite the U.S. administration’s attempts to discredit it.

After visiting several voting centers in Caracas, New York Public University professor Danny Shaw highlighted the people’s massive turnout on Election Day.

Taking part as an observer in these elections “has been an interesting experience. I was in the Parish Coche, in Liberator municipality, and what I found there was massive participation, very prepared authorities, and sophisticated technologies,” Shaw assured.

“Everything you hear about Venezuela in my country is a lie. Venezuelan people can give democracy lessons to the U.S. government,” he said.

The U.S. former presidential candidate Gloria La Riva, who also takes part as an election observer, affirmed that no one can doubt the legitimacy of these parliamentary elections.

“President Nicolas Maduro has handled the country’s situation exceptionally. Today, Venezuela is carrying out a peaceful, safe, and transparent electoral process thanks to his good leadership,” La Riva considered.

The voting is being monitored by 1,500 observers and 300 representatives from 34 countries worldwide. Once the polls are closed on Sunday evening, different audits will be carried out to observe the vote count. (TELESUR)

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