CEDARS: Body Of 50yro Man Found Hanging From Ceiling

Police at the Biabou Police Station have launched an investigation into the death of Ron Maloney, 50 years Carpenter of Cedars.

On 6.12.2020 about midday, Maloney’s partially decomposed body was found hanging from the ceiling of his living room at his home in Cedars.

On 6.12.2020, an acquaintance of the deceased visited him and found the doors and windows of the house locked but; a foul odour was coming from inside of the house.

The Biabou police were alerted and later visited the scene. The police forced open the house door and discovered the body hanging from the ceiling by a rope.

Maloney was last seen alive on 4.12.2020. A post mortem examination will conducted on the body to ascertain the exact cause of death.

Anyone with information that can assist with these investigations are asked to contact the Divisional Commander of the South Central Division at telephone number 784-458-4200, the Assistant Commissioner in-charge crimes at 784-456-1339 or; any police officer that they are comfortable with. Your information would be treated confidentially.


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