Mexico: 2 boys caught with a child’s dead body inside suitcase

Two Mexico City teens were arrested Wednesday after police found them dragging a suitcase with another boy’s dead body inside, the latest shocking development in a string of child killings in the city.

The two 15-year-old boys, who said they were paid to get rid of the victim, were carrying the bag around 3 a.m. in the crime-stricken Guerrero neighborhood, the same area where a man was caught with the dismembered bodies of two other children just 10 days earlier, according to police and local media reports.

When officers saw the suspects in the latest crime struggling to drag their suitcase and ordered them to stop, the teens immediately dropped the bag, which partially opened, showing the victim’s head, authorities said.

Officials have not released the boy’s name, but Mexican newspaper El Universal identified him as 14-year-old Alessandro “N.”

Friends and family members told the paper that four people in motorcycles kidnapped the child last week and demanded money in exchange for his life. The victim’s father tried negotiating with the criminals, but he reportedly could not come up with the money.

Initial reports suggest that drug gang La Unión Tepito is behind the three recent child killings in Guerrero.

In the Nov. 1 incident, a man was caught wheeling the remains of a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old boy on a dolly, according to police and media reports. The suspect told authorities he was given cocaine as payment for getting rid of the children’s body parts, El Universal reported.

Despite suspicion that the same group is behind both cases, Mexico City authorities believe the two incidents are unrelated.

Experts say drug gangs often use young teens to sell drugs and collect extortion payments because they can’t be charged as adults in Mexico.

The most serious punishment for the two boys arrested Wednesday would be some sort of non-prison custody until they turn 18. (NY DAILY NEWS)

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