National Schools Gardening Competition 2020-2021

The Rural Transformation Unit wishes to inform all participating schools that the National School Garden Competition is still ongoing.
Due to the challenges presented by the weather which caused damage to crops in some schools, and delays in planting in others, the following decisions have been made:

  1. Judging of crops will commence late February to early March, 2021.


  1. Judging of schools which entered in the livestock category, will take place from 30thNovember to 4th December, 2020.


  1. Schools which requested assistance with tilling of the soil will receive assistance between 7thand 11th  Schools should indicate when their plots are ready to be ploughed


  1. Schools which are not ready to be ploughed in December, 2020 can be ploughed from about mid-January, 2021.


  1. Technical assistance would be available on the request of the schools                          (please indicate by calling telephone number 457-1812).

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