Students And Teacher Complete Training In Business Development

Seventeen students and a teacher from the Barrouallie Technical Institute (BARTEC) have completed a one-week training in ‘Design Thinking to Develop a Business’.

The seminar was organized by the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED) in collaboration with the Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) to commemorate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020, under the theme “Preparing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs”.

Design Thinking is a new approach to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. It is a reflective toolkit that focuses on people and customers, and offers a variety of tools and methods to create and develop innovative business ideas.

The workshop was delivered by CED’s technical team, who were trained as trainers by SBFIC, comprising Training and Education Coordinator Miss Keisha Phillips, Business Development Officer Mrs. Affia Clarke, and Business Development Field Officers Miss Nisha Glasgow and Mrs. Madanna Johnson.

It was monitored daily virtually by SBFIC Master Trainer and training designer, Mrs. Diana Pfeffer, and co- trainer Miss Tessa Samuel.

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