How to Win the Heart of a Gamer

Are you secretly in love with a Geek or a Gamer? Not sure if you should approach them? Check out our 22 good reasons to date a Geek and learn how to win their heart. You will understand why Sarah fell for Chuck or even Penny for Leonardo. You should not take everything literally, especially if you are new to the world of Ukrainian women dating. However, these facts will help you conquer any woman who is a gamer.

● A geek stays at home

A geek likes to play on the console or the computer without leaving their house. If you are sick, they will take care of you all day. Isn’t this wonderful?

● No special food preferences

If you feel like having a good burger, kebab, or pizza, don’t worry, your other half will always be up to join you. The Geek is crazy about these good things.

● The business of the future

Many Geeks have a profession related to IT. Data processing is in full expansion. IT is, therefore, a profession of the future, the ultimate argument for your boyfriend or girlfriend to please your parents.

● Prospects of wealthiness

They will earn good money because technologies are their life. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, are all originally Geeks and now billionaires. Why can’t your significant other do the same?

● At the forefront of technologies

If your partner is a Geek, they will most likely be a tech buff. A good plan for you: by buying the latest iPhone 12, they will give you their iPhone 11. You should also remember that a new piece of technology is always a good gift for them.

● White hackers

Want to install Photoshop or Final Cut? No need to take out a credit card. For a kiss, your friend can crack the software of your dreams.

● Easy streaming

Want to see the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Black Mirror, but can’t find a link? Your partner can find the episode in 1080P HD for you less than an hour after the episode has aired in the United States.

● Flexible schedule

A Geek is not used to sleeping a lot. Handy if you have cravings in the middle of the night. If you are not a heavy sleeper too, you will appreciate their rhythm of life. Even if you are used to something else, you should adapt if you love them.

● Solving computer problems

If your computer is bugging and you can’t get out of a monster mess, your Geek buddy will be able to solve your problem in just a few clicks. They will do the same with your father’s computer, which will earn them points. Ask them for help, and you will make them feel special.

● No noisy clubs

If you don’t feel like going clubbing this weekend, your partner will be the first to respect your choice. On top of that, since geeks are not huge fans of places to dance, you won’t have to be wary of their urges to seduce others in a club.

● Lots of gifts

As we saw above, IT is booming, so developers are making a good living. So IT = money = gifts. Your task is to appreciate all the strange appliances like an electronic pen or air humidifier they give you and dig for presents for them too.

● Intellectual encounters

If your chosen one is a geek, they are smart and bound to surround themselves with smart people. Thanks to your partner, you will always be with emotionally and intellectually developed people. You should be able to keep up with the dialogue.

● Master fingers

A geek doesn’t necessarily do a lot of sports, but they do a lot of work with their fingers. Very handy for your partner to know how to use fingers to please you. On top of that, by dint of playing, they always know how to press the right button at the right time.

● No sports games

Dating a geek boyfriend who has no wars over who is stronger between PSG and OM (we all know that PSG wins), a girl will not have to watch football. All the pizza and beer evenings will happen in your home in a slightly cozier atmosphere.

● Easy to give a gift

To please a geek, no need to rack your brains. Give them the latest video game, a new set of gaming headphones, or a Hitek Box, and they will be delighted!

● Your gifts will be no less fancy

If your partner is a geek, they will find you the perfect gift. Thanks to their knowledge, they will find comparators, read opinions, ask advice on forums, and look for the rare pearl to please you. Geeks are search engine experts and not only in the technological sphere.

● They are faithful

A Geek is faithful to their comics, films, and series. They will be just as faithful to you. If they cheat on you, it will only be with their computer or console.

● Take care of them

A geek cares about their comics and any other stuff that they collect. You will be a sort of rare gem for them that they will take care of very well. You should also show that they can trust you, and you are the only person in the world that will truly understand and support them.

● Discoveries

A geek is passionate about discovering new things. Your partner will want to share new experiences with you and introduce you to areas that you had never suspected as interesting.

● Food 24/7

Are you hungry? Your partner will find you the McDonald’s or the Kebab open within 20 km at any time of the day. Handy for nighttime cravings.

● Their creativity

Even if your beloved will not make you a masterpiece worthy of Picasso, their extensive knowledge will allow them to be resourceful and to invent funny little things.

● Quick problem solving

Turn to them for help because they seek to find the solution to a problem by all means. Your partner will dig even if it means turning over the whole earth to have a result and wait for that approving sparkle in your eyes afterwards.