GUYANA: 14yro gives birth after allegedly raped by stepfather

(INEWS GUYANA) – A 14-year-old girl from Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) gave birth this morning after she was earlier this year reportedly raped by her stepfather.

The girl, who has a hearing disability, lived with her mother, her stepfather and six siblings.

However, the mother would have taken the young girl to stay by a relative for some time.

That relative would have observed that the child’s tummy was swelling and had questioned her mother about it. The mother allegedly denied that the girl was pregnant.

However, the concerned relative took the girl to a nearby clinic where it was confirmed that she was 33-weeks pregnant.

When the mother was confronted with this information, she remained in denial.

Using sign language, the girl communicated with another relative and related that one evening, her stepfather came home intoxicated and held her down, and committed the act.

A relative told this publication that the matter was reported to the Childcare Protection Agency which is currently investigating the situation.