Venezuela Strengthens Ties With Iran Amidst US Sanction

(TELESUR) – In an interview with the Iranian agency IRNA, published this Wednesday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has emphasized the importance of the strategic Caracas-Teheran cooperation to “face the US blockade against both countries” and has assured that this approach “in Venezuela has become a top priority.”

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Teheran and Caracas have brought their positions closer together to face the unilateral and illegal sanctions from Washington that affect their peoples, particularly when seeking to overcome the new coronavirus pandemic.

According to Arreaza, Venezuela and Iran have managed to strengthen their relations, “despite the geographical distance,” because both nations, “revolutionary, anti-imperialist [and …] under siege have decided to be free” in the face of “common adversaries.”

The Persian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif, says that Iran and Venezuela have never given in to the US’s pressures and bullying and will follow this path firmly. “I believe that Iran and Venezuela are giving an example of how we can move forward together despite adversity and aggression,” said the head of Venezuelan diplomacy.

“Iran and Venezuela are strengthening strategic ties.”

Likewise, Zarif highlighted that the Islamic Republic had been part of “Venezuela’s efforts to fully reactivate its oil industry, despite the U.S. sanctions.” In this respect, he has recalled that Iran sent to Venezuela five tankers last May, loaded with 1.53 million barrels of gasoline, to mitigate the fuel shortage that was devastating the Bolivarian nation due to the draconian restrictive measures applied by the White House.

Arreaza also highlighted gasoline’s shipment as “an act of solidarity by Iran with the besieged Venezuelan people” in defiance of the United States.

In another moment of his declarations, the highest Venezuelan diplomat has addressed the results of the November 3 elections in the U.S. and has assured that Caracas “does not have great expectations” regarding Democrat Joe Biden was elected in said elections.

What matters, Arreaza continued, is that “the elite that dominates Washington [should] reflect on its own role in history, understand that it is an empire that is in decline and resists death.

The Venezuelan official, however, has expressed hope that the new U.S. government will move away from the unilateralist position adopted by the now outgoing U.S. president, Donald Trump, who, according to Arreaza, “generated suffering” with “his coercive and hostile measures” in many countries, including Iran and Venezuela.

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