Pembroke, Kingstown And Calliaqua Reporting Most Dengue Cases


The Marriaqua and Chateaubelair Health Districts are now ranked as 4th and 5th for the number of reported cases of Dengue Fever. Persons in the 0-15-year-old age group continue to account for the majority of cases, with an attack rate of 3.54% in the 5-14-year age group.

The mosquito-borne disease continues to affect all health districts, with most cases reported as occurring in persons who live in the Pembroke, Kingstown and Calliaqua Health Districts.

There has been a total of 1,617 laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue fever. There have been 7 seven deaths recorded in direct relation to the disease, the latest death being a 10-year-old female with an underlying cardiac condition.

The Ministry reports that there has been a consistent decrease in the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue fever. There has also been a decrease in clinically diagnosed cases of dengue fever.