GHS Ordered By MOE To Rescind Decision It Made Unilaterally

Parents of students attending the GHS are questioning why the school would have made a decision reverting back to the wearing of uniform whilst the nation is still in the midst of a dengue outbreak.

In September of 2020, the CMO said the Ministry of Health had written to the Ministry of Education advising that students wear long pants and long sleeves so that they would decrease their exposure to mosquito bites.

As of Tuesday 24th November, that directive by the Ministry was still in effect.

A call to the principal of the school revealed that no letter was sent to parents notifying them of the change. However, a directive from the principal to the teachers was enacted.

That directive to teachers according to the principal was to indicate to children, who would then tell their parents by word of mouth that if they wished to wear a uniform instead of the pants and jerseys which the Ministry Of Health had implemented due to the rise in dengue cases, would be their prerogative.

However,  parents who spoke with News784 told us that the impression they got from their children is that they were instructed to wear uniforms.

On Tuesday morning the Minister of Education stated that the matter had been dealt with and the school was made to rescind the decision which it took unilaterally.

Students at the Girls High School are at high risk since they wear a dark coloured skirt and while a  river is alongside the school.

A student of the school died as a result of contracting dengue in October.

As of  Friday 20th, a 10-year-old died as a result of contracting dengue. There are over 1000 cases of dengue fever in SVG.

By News784

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