Guatemala’s Congress Burns Amid Mass Protest

The Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office of the Central American nation called on the police forces to avoid repression.

Guatemala: Thousands of Women Take to the Streets Against Femicides

A fire broke out at the Congress in the capital city, though the main protest groups maintain that the people have continued to demonstrate peacefully in the central square which is surrounded by riot police. They warn that infiltrated groups have burned down the Congress, serving as a distraction from the popular calls in rejection of corruption.

Police and riot forces began detaining people in the evening, including Guatemalan lawyer, ngrid Medina, shown being detained on live video.

On social media, various social organizations and citizens have been calling for people to go to all the squares of the country this Saturday and express their rejection of the Giammattei Government.

The ‘Ya Basta Oficial’ initiative published a series of COVID-19 prevention measures to take during Saturday’s protest.

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