Top US Congressmen Condemn Restrictions on Cuba

(TELESUR) – Jim McGovern and Elliot Engel, high-ranking House Democrats, released a statement Thursday condemning the Trump administration’s recent restrictions on sending remittances to Cuba.

US Lawmakers Support Cuba in the Purhcase of Medical Supplies

In their statement, the lawmakers said: “We condemn the recently announced steps by the Treasury Department that will result in an effective halt to remittances to Cuba.

The Treasury Department’s decision to prohibit U.S. remittance senders from using the most widely used financial intermediary in Cuba will disrupt remittance flows to families and further restrict support for the emerging private sector on the island.”

McGovern, a longtime supporter, and advocate for Cuba, continued by deconstructing the Treasury Department’s myths to justify the destructive measures.

“Rather than supporting the Cuban people and ensuring Cuban-Americans have the right to support loved ones on the island, this inhumane policy will deprive ordinary Cubans of basic resources. While purportedly intended to deny Cuba’s military access to funds, this decision will hurt the Cuban people most,” he stated.

Referring to the socio-economic difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Congressman wrote, “By further closing channels through which the Cuban people can receive remittances, this will limit the ways Cuban-Americans may support their families during these difficult times.”

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