Trinidad: 16 Kids, 13 adults from Venezuela hunted down by cops

Twenty-nine persons have been detained by officers of the SouthWestern Division for illegal entry into the country.

On Tuesday officers of the Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) went to Chatham Bay and spotted a fishing vessel approaching the shoreline.

The boat bore no registration or markings.

The occupants of the vessel, upon seeing the officers, disembarked and attempted to flee into the heavily vegetated area.

A search was conducted by the ERP team, South Western Division Task Force,and officers of the Point Fortin and Cedros charge rooms and they successfully detained four male and nine female adults with 16 children, for a total of 29 persons. The group ranged in ages from 46 years old to four months old.

The contingent, all of whom are from Tucupita, Venezuela, were taken to the Siparia Health Facility to be examined in accordance with COVID-19 protocols and regulations and then to be quarantined.

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